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Our star technique : bright polishing

This technique can be applied to other materials than marble or natural stone, in particular concrete, 
Stoneware and even terra cotta. 
We have a large palette of savoir-faire that can be proposed regarding your wishes and your medium.

Natural stones and marbles floors and coatings

Our company is specialised in sanding and crystallisation polishing. We use diamond tools and specific sanding and polishing discs with remove scratches and lippage. Powder or spray crystallisation gives brightness, satiny effect and protect your medium.

Sandstone, terra cotta, cement tiles

After replacement or sealing, we strip and apply a finishing treatment that you choose. Our team is here to advice you.

Wood floors

We replace broken or damaged lathes and realise several meticulous sanding, before treating with professional varnishing products or quality oils.

A particular tint can be applied before finishing treatment.

Specific construction works

We also realise masonry works depending on your needs.


We have built a reputation on Honesty, Integrity, and 100% Customer Satisfaction.

We work in the respect of places, people, and materials.

Protecting places

We consider that any work has to be perfectly clean, so we systematically protect the work aera from dust or water sanding. We insist on visiting the place with the customer to identify sensitive areas, coatings (as wood, carpet…) or furniture in order to offer you the best result.

Sanding and polishing

According to the medium, we use a water or dry sanding.

We prepare the surface by removing the lippage, which means unevenness. These irregularities are often tiny but hold cleaning dirty waters back. Year after year, your medium loose its brightness. Furthermore, this technique is used to transform a bush-hammered surface to a smooth one, and remove the holes in case of an eroded medium.

  • Stones, marbles

Dry sanding, with metallic discs, is used to remove scratches and greyish tinge of hard mediums as marble or stone. The successive polishing are realised with diamond tools which give the medium its original brightness.

For outside surfaces, we recommend to opt for a softened or satiny effect, in order to avoid falls in case of rainy weather. Inside, after the finishing crystallisation, your surface is as bright as a mirror.

  • Wood surfaces

We use rotary machines to obtain a smooth surface.

  • Edges and corners
We do work the edges and corners with portable tools.

    • Doorsteps
    To remove all scratches, we use a metallic sanding, followed by different polishing and finishing

    Holes and washers

    The finest sanding and polishing will not appear as top of the range without filling up holes and defective washers.

    That’s why we recommend filling up all imperfections, using a natural or tinted colour.


    As we said, we are 100% respectful of all the medium and products we work on. That why we do not scrape with acid products, which attack the medium even though they have the advantage of scraping rapidity. We prefer to procede to several careful and meticulous scrapings

    Outside areas

    Foam, lichen and mushrooms have invaded your outside surface ? Don’t worry, scrapings and specific treatments will rejuvenate your terrace.

    Masonry works

    • concrete slab laying, either for construction or decorative ;
    • stone, marble or other medium slabs’ replacement and laying
    • small masonry works in the framework of a complete renovation of your surface.

    Finish techniques

    There are plenty of techniques, depending of medium, localisation and your wishes.

    • The bright polishing or "mirror effect”

    It is the finest finish technique for marbre and natural stone, but also concrete, sandtone and resin.
    • Spray crystallisation

    For people who are so fan of the bright effect, the spray crystallisation gives a satiny effect.

    • Varnishing and oils

    Finish reserved to wood surfaces. They can have a different aspect regarding the tint.

    • Wax and patina

    Rustic style and old yesteryear smells lovers will particularly appreciate this technique, which adapt to parquets, terra cotta and tiles.
    • Epoxy resin

    Coming from the South of France, this technique will perfectly protect terra cotta and tiles.
    • Impregnation products

    There is a large palette of different products, adapted to the needs of each material.