Floors and coating laying, reparation and restoration, waxed concrete…
 Have a look to some of our different works.

Marble mosaic renovation

A part of this marble mosaic has been broken and filled up with cement. We removed the cement and realised a complete renovation with tiles replacement, sanding and crystallisation polishing.

A parisian courtyard : tiles' reparation and replacement

This courtyard was including broken and missing tiles, defective or missing washers. We removed and replaced all the damaged tiles in respect with original style, and repaired the defective washers.

Building entrance transformation

This building entrance was originally including a second door and a rug sealed in the floor.

The door let marks on the wall and rug a hole on the floor. We laid Alicante red marble strips and replaced Crema marfil tiles. 

Concrete bright polishing and coloration

In a warehouse :

  • lippage removal ;
  • realisation of a bi color pattern ;
  • polishing and stains prevention treatment.

Cement tiles restoration

This former restaurant had a gorgeous cement tiles floor, but deeply damaged. We could barely see the original floor. 

We replaced or repaired all broken or damaged tiles and washers. We scraped the all aera many times and applied a resin to protect the surface.

Repairing limestone frontsteps

  • replacement of the slabs too damaged to be repaired ;
  • realisation of a gentle slope for rainwater runoff ;
  • sanding and softened polishing ;
  • non-slip strips laying

Decorating walls with marble

This wall had been painted. We laid Carrara Marble slabs and dressed it with Patricia Green Marble strips.

Elevator's marble floor